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Yes, these Russian girls on the right are online, you can make a search and see other girls who are online now.

We are not a "mail order brides" site, we do not sell addresses.

We are not interested to have girls who are not interested in service any more. Near each profile in the gallery you can see when this or that Russian girls was on the site the last time. We do not deliver mail to them. We gather womenon our dating site who have access to Internet, who are serious and who are ready to work to make the relationship work.

Some of these girls are of model type, and you can imagine her walking on a podium, some of them are not models, but charm, attractive ladies.

Read our advice and begin.

It does not matter if you are a connoiseour or an amateur in Russian dating. We will help you to find here your Russian bride.

How we Work
  • You register to the site.

  • You can put photos in the gallery. You can put your photos to rating of photos for hundreds of Russian girls to see and rate.

  • You can write to girls in the gallery one letter each. Postcards, interactive postcards, messages, winks.

  • You can rate girls photos.

  • If you want to read their replies and write the next letter you need to upgrade.

  • Silver and Gold memberships are available. Check prices.

  • When you become Gold or Silver member, you have unlimited communication with all ladies.

  • Each week we have about 90 - 200 new girls who are active and not yet communicating with anybody.

  • Gold and Silver members have possibility to send video, audio messages to women they communicate with.

  • The system of templates allow to send messages quickly and easily.

  • You can exchange email (and of course telephone numbers, yahoo messengers, ICQ) with Russian girls whom you like

  • Our online translator helps you to communicate even with those ladies who do not know any foreign language

Questions of our Clients

Is it achievable for me to buy a telephone number of any smart lady that I want to get acquainted on your online site?

Sorry, but you cannot purchase the addresses.
Girls have their interest for unidentified information and protection. If they like you, they will send you their email themselves. We check them manually before making them brilliant but we couldn't send their personal information to any person. You must to sign on, pay for membership and communicate with the young lady.

Why do I need to give money? I was on some online dating sites where I gave money and it was a disaster.

Online site support is a complex and important work.

  • Online site promotion is a very difficult task. Mainly it includes manager's works, for example to work with photographs, to load the most wonderful photos of the young ladies and to see through the photos on the site. It's usual to see erotic or naked photographs of guys on the dating site, but I'm sure honest women never make contact with such guys.

  • The following duty of our main manager is a work with scammers. All men are aware that there are a lot of Russian girls-scammers. Thus, our dating site makes its private anti-scam program to get rid of unneeded scammers. So, online you can see the list of scammers and the description of their occupation on our dating site. We do not wish people to loose their earned money and that's why our agency is a riskless and secure place for communicating.

  • These days very commonly used come to be "Nigerian" scams. They cheat on women and men alike. They register as men or young lady from USA and what is more, their ip addresses are from USA also, they spend money from false credit cards, place beautiful photographs, they are respectful, handsome, they are gifted - a desire of any lady, a desire of any man. In some time they travel to Nigeria and oops. Something changes and they need urgent help. From men they can ask 700-900 usd, from girls 80-170 dollars. Do you like to have your desires destroyed and your believes destroyed? Do you wish Russian girls to abandon services are aware that all these USA men are scammers? Our sites are working with this as well.

  • To answer some questions, to assist in explaining some troubles, to work with protests is also an urgent occupation of our prime manager.

  • To have a huge amount of Russian girls on the site promoting in the net for guys and girls is needed.

  • And very important point is the job of our system sdministrators. They must deal with the whole site and make the dating site protected and fine. I think it's very difficult and serious task.

  • I consider when you paid on the site for a number of necessary emails, it means that this online site surely has some scammers (as you know, the best photos and the most perfect profiles scammers have). Our site do not sell information as we possess a perfect anti-scam program and we always update our base of personal infos and test the private information of all ladies registered on our dating site. .

Our dating site has only good, vital and excellent ladies. Ladies registered on our site vitally answer all notes; they are natural and very serious as all of them truelly wish to find a good, clever and brave fianc?

This site is a common subscription type. We are searching for young ladies who are perfectly looking, who give their answers to letters, who are actual. We have generally 9000 ladies now in our base of personal infos and we give safeguards and readiness for everybody.

Do women have to pay for services? What if I want to write a letter to a woman who is not brilliant?

As you know all ladies on this online site have to go through necessary checking. The women who passed this checking are Gold. They are free for communication and are truly fine and brilliant.

I have communication on lots Russian sites with Russian girls and met only scammers here. How can you explain all this?

Scammers are very unsafe and they definitely are a large problem for our online site. You see that scammers can rapidly change their names, personal info, mail addresses, photographs, etc. Today there are a number of various scammers and we are seriously do fighting with them. But it is very complex occupation as scammers are commonly had connection with a number of serious criminal groups that perform their work in shifts. Definitely, there are some scammers that do not belong to criminal groups; they just do it for their private profit. As for our site, we possess a black file of scammers and if a scammer is registered in this catalogue he will never scam once more.

I am going to pay but I have a very interesting question first, a few wonderful girls answered me, and I have a great desire to talk with them. If I pay for your service, when will they receive notes, will they be delivered to their house addresses?

The young ladies on our online site have gateway to Internet, they make registration themselves, they send sms themselves. If a young lady has answered to you on the online site, it signofies that you are able to send some notes to her and she will look through her mail as soon as she will be the next time on the site. You are able to even find her online and send to her a note and wait for her reply. A number of our couples have the possibility to send 40-60 small messages each other during the interval when they are both online.

Is it real for me to use your dating service and find a good young lady if I am not single?

No, we cannot assist wed men or women as our dating agency is a serious place where men make an effort to meet their partner and be merry in marriage.

How to write a perfect profile?

If you wish to meet a huge number of good-looking ladies, you need to have a well-made profile. The first serious thing is your photo: make an effort to load the best possible photo because profiles with photos receive more notes in comparison with profiles that don't have one. The next piece of advice is indicate your interest: speak with your woman as much as you want. Ask your girl-friend about her work, country where she's living, hobbies, preferences and many other topics that are curious for her. And the final and very substantial point is the nicer you describe your personal information, the more answers you will get. If are not able to think of anything right away, you on every occasion can add more lately. And don't fail to remember to give answers to extra questions in your profile in order to create it more complete.

Ирина, 28 y.o.


Светлана, 36 y.o.
St. Petersburg


Tatyana, 39 y.o.


Анна, 25 y.o.


Юлия, 36 y.o.


Ольга, 30 y.o.


Анна, 24 y.o.


Танита, 34 y.o.


Yulia, 29 y.o.


Anna, 24 y.o.


How do scammers operate?

Do you want to know?

Look at scammers and read their scenarios:

Online Translator

Free online translator

Communicate with out bareers

Even a Russain girl that does not know English can chat with you.

Work with Clients

We work personally with clients

You can alwasy ask question, share your opinion, ask our psychologist.

we are here for you.

5 Steps Towards a Success

1. Decide what marriage partner you want to find.

Marriage is very significant and important resolution in every human's fortune. Everyone must examine this state of affairs seriously before wedding and to study what woman he is looking for and what character his future wife need to have. Every simple factor is very significant in such kind of range, particually when we are discussing marriages of people of various societies. In this case the attention must be paid not only to appearance, figure, years, manners, but also to language, culture, habits and many other concepts.

Think what your ideal woman would want from you

Think over the portrait of "your" fiancee. Where and how does she reside, what is her business, and what is she interested in? But the predominant thing is what place a man has in her life and what she desires from him, what are her principles of choice. Are you ready to fulfil the demands? A girl or a woman has her prerogative, the same as you, to choose. What are you ready to propose to her in exchange for what you wish to receive. Some men consider that assisting a girl to make a move to their commonwealth is enough to make well-made connections. There are Ukrainian and Russian women who will be led by this factor, but do you desire to get such a girl? If you believe that you desires are non sensible retreat the first clause, make less firm your conditions and think of a lady with less rigorous demands.

3. Form the real vision of your future partner by imagination.

Virtual connection is common now. It helps us to make a indirect image of a person by the pictures, phrases and letters. We can undoubtedly imagine what kind of man we are speaking with. Is he attentive or insolent, intelligent or unintelligent, romantic or real, careful or nonserious, good-looking or offensive in his soul. But in some cases we are misled because of distance, and we can make a wrong conclusion concerning our woman. So, we have to be direct making contact by Internet in order not to be depressed in real meeting.

4. Be brave and initiative when communicating with girl.

There are thousands of profiles online - to wait for a woman who answers your definite needs can take a lot of months. And she can break down other criteria - seriousness, integrity etc. The dating sites are refilled every second. If you like a Russian or Ukrainian young lady send a postcard or write a wish or do any other sign of attention. The more ladies you honor with your attention, the more you get chances to discover the lady of your wish. Be careful, communicate with her about books that are curious to her, ask her about her life. Ask your lady for a telephone number and speak with her on the phone.

5. Try to think positive.

Life is very delicate and complicated thing. We cannot know what surprises life will offer for us as we cannot identify when and where we'll find our happiness, our future bride or man. It can be anywhere: at the bar, in the squire, at the lift, or maybe in the opera. But at the same time we can find the person we desire to see beside us. And this choice is provided for us by the Internet and dating sites. Searching for your future fiance is not a simple subject. You can have many troubles on your road, but don't refuse from your aim, make an effort to think positive. Complete an extra profile, describe your qualities in details, show your desires and you'll see the good fortune will be yours.

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Olga  23 y.o.

Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk
Dasha  19 y.o.

Ukraine, Other
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36 y.o.

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